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Fortuna Bis Hotel is situated on the crossroad of the Old Town and Kraków's "green lungs" - Błonia Park and Jordan Park. Our hotel's location enables you to explore the most beautiful places in Kraków on foot - the Old Town, Planty Park and Kazimierz District. When tired of sightseeing you can relax in the nearby Błonia Park and Jordan Park, which offer walking alleys, courts for basketball, tennis and volleyball, football pitches, small skate park, large children's playground and a sea of green!

Especially for you we have estimated times that will enable you to reach some of the most interesting places in Kraków.
Hotel Fortuna Bis
Piłsudskiego str. 25
31-110 PL Cracow
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Tel./fax: +48 (12) 430 10 25,
+48 (12) 430 10 39,
+48 (12) 430 10 77